Who is Savory Simon?

Simon Hubig was a real man, born in 1860 of German immigrant parents. As the story goes, his father died young and he and his brothers helped their mother start and grow a baking business. He was industrious and successful, and in his 30s he opened the Simon Hubig Baking Company in Cincinnati, OH. He patented machinery and was said to have had the greatest output of all bakeries in the United States. Then, in 1918, he established the Simon Hubig Company in Ft. Worth, Texas. In the 1950s, Drew’s grandfather Otto Ramsey worked for and was able to buy into the New Orleans location of the then-chain bakery which had opened in 1921. The New Orleans location was the only one to survive the Depression and World Wars. Drew’s father, Toby Ramsey, joined the company in the 60s, and Toby’s son Drew Ramsey in the 90s. Drew is the 3rd generation of the Ramseys to own and operate Hubig’s.