Since the fire that destroyed the Hubig's factory on July 27, 2012, there has been an outpouring of support for our employees and brand. We wish to thank everyone for that support.
We have much hard work ahead of us to get the factory up and running.
Many unsolicited campaigns have come to our attention; they take precious time to manage. We appreciate the attempts to help, but ask those using the Hubig's name, brand or likeness to cease their campaigns.
Our brand is of the utmost importance to the future of the company, and until we are making pies again it is our most important asset.
If you wish to work with us in the future please email us:
If you wish to help, please send traffic to and continue conversing about us online on facebook (Hubig's Pies - The Official Page) and twitter (@HubigsPies).
Thank you for being a #pielover. We appreciate your support.



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Check out our  virtual tour where you can view some still photos and videos of our factory and production process.  Now you can see your favorite New Orleans treat being made!

Or just send us a note to let us know which flavor you've missed the most. Include the name of your closest grocery or convenience store and we’ll ask them to carry your favorite Hubig’s pies.  If you're writing to us from out of town we hope that you'll be able to take advantage of our online pie ordering service.

Thank you for helping us carry on this New Orleans tradition,

    The Bowman and Ramsey Families

 Hubig's Pies  -  2417 Dauphine St.  -  New Orleans, LA 70117

New York Post travel editor David Landsel discusses his longtime love for  Hubig's Pies: gives love to Hubig's!  (Scroll about halfway down, and click on the headline to read the story.):

OK, so this isn't the "the news" exactly, but we've been on the Food Network show Road Tasted a few times!  Click here to see if the episode is airing again soon:

Savory Simon got a makeover!  (Not really.):

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